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You are interested in reducing your high utility bills or have hot/cold rooms or want to go green or provide a healthier clean home environment for your family. What is the first step? Schedule an Energy Efficiency Audit (EEA) with Azulenergy to inspect, diagnose and analyze the existing conditions of your home. With that knowledge we can provide a list of customized energy retrofits that meet your specific goals and reduce your energy consumption. Once you have made all the energy efficiency improvements your home is in prime condition to move to renewable energy. Typically, $2,000 dollars of energy retrofits will result in avoiding approximately $10,000 dollars of solar energy or 2 kWh less. Call us today and let’s get you started down your path to an energy efficient home!


We spend a large amount of our time inside our homes and having a comfortable environment is very important. The majority of our customers have rooms that are hot or cold and have attempted to remedy the situation themselves without success. An EEA is the right solution to this problem. Using a whole-house approach, all aspects of the home is analyzed. The solution to the uncomfortable room (s) can be from any of these common problems: pressure imbalance, insulation, air leakage through penetrations, HVAC duct problems, etc.


The home is an environment that can harbor unwanted pollutants from outside and also from products used inside the home. Various pollutants are associated with asthma, allergies, respiratory problems and other health issues. Air penetrations in the building envelope (any part of the building that creates a boundary between the indoor and outdoor environment), HVAC system, ventilation, etc., can pull pollutants directly into your home.

Common pollutants found in homes:

  • Pollen and dust
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Automobile exhaust
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Mold and mildew spores

Using our diagnostic equipment such as the Blower Door and Combustion Analyzer we can inspect, diagnose and analyze the health of your home.


The residential and commercial sectors account for 40% of our energy consumption and represents 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Building efficiency is the single most immediate, cost effective and easiest way to reduce carbon emissions. Be a part of the green movement and reduce your carbon footprint by scheduling an EEA and installing energy retrofits that will lead you down the path to a more efficient home.

Energy Efficiency

  • The battle of rising utility costs
  • Wanting freedom from utility companies
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • The goal: sustainability

How can I reach this goal? The first stop along your path is an EEA with Azulenergy Group.

Our EEA takes a whole-house approach using state-of-the-art equipment and building science to determine the energy efficiency of your home in conjunction with your energy saving goals. In lieu of the traditional methods of inspecting and diagnosing one specific trade such as electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems, insulation, etc., without a working knowledge of how those changes can affect the efficiency of the entire home.

Call us today contact to begin your path to a more energy efficient home!


A growing number of our customers are concerned with the rising utility costs and how to reduce their utility bills. Our EEA can help by understanding your energy saving goals combined with the analysis to develop a customized list of energy retrofits that will make your home more comfortable, lower your utility bills and increase your home efficiency. Here is a list of several components that we analyze that can affect your utility bills:

  • Air leakage
  • Insulation
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC)
  • Appliance/electronic usage
  • Utility rate plan
  • Energy habits

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