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Azulenergy Group is committed to lowering your energy costs through energy audits and green energy solutions. Here in Arizona, energy costs are high, and they skyrocket even further in the hot summer months, yet it is an optimal place to utilize other forms of energy such as wind and solar energy. We can review your old utility bills, and help you decide what forms of energy are best for you and your home.

With an easy energy audit by Azulenergy Group, you can see exactly where your home is losing or wasting energy, and exactly what you can do to fix it. Whether that means turning off the ceiling fans, installing solar panels, or altering your insulation, our services can save you lots of wasted energy and money each month! We offer a number of resources and information on energy audits and benefits of green energy solutions.

Now is the prime time to take action! With the state and federal tax incentives and rebates, as well as energy rebates from SRP and APS utility companies, there is no better time to change your energy source and energy use. Our blog is where you will find all of the latest updates and tips for saving money and energy at your home! Be sure to visit often for more information on how you can save!


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