Kids and Energy Efficiency

Educating our kids on energy consumption is important.  Games are no longer just out of a box, technology has taken over and all of our childhood favorites are offered in some type of electronic format that our kids are anxious to have.  The idea of having portable gadgets to keep everyone happy when brother has to sit through sister's soccer game is part of our day to day lives.  However, that gadget uses energy to charge.  The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reports a staggering increase from 8% in the 1990's to 41% for the appliance and gadget category of our electric bills in homes.  If you shop for energy efficiency products you are on the right track but it doesn't stop there.  The product requires energy to be maintained and that is your ongoing expense.  The goal is to reduce your energy consumption. Through education, we can change our daily habits with the goal of saving energy.  Begin by showing your kids what changes they can make in their own bedroom to save energy at ENERGY STAR KIDS.


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