Health and Safety

You might wonder how the pollutants in a home can relate to energy efficiency, or how energy efficiency can relate to your health.  Before we begin your Energy Efficiency Audit (EEA), a customer interview is completed, where we discuss the existing conditions of your home, understand the comfort level you would like to achieve and any areas of concern you may have.  This will enable us to provide customized recommendation that meet your needs and provide you with an improved home environment. We tailor our EEA to address the four key aspects of building science which includes your health concerns such as asthma, allergies and respiratory problems.

The four key aspects of building science in order of importance are:

  • Health & Safety
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Affordability

HEALTH & SAFETY:  There are many scenarios where a home’s lack of ventilation or unfiltered air can cause health and safety issues for residents. When conducting an EEA in your house, we address improvements that affect dust, air quality, ventilation, and mold buildup to reduce energy consumption and improve the health of your home.
DURABILITY: There are three categories for durability:

  • Homeowner - a function of comfort and indoor air quality. 
  • Building/home - a function of moisture control.
  • Planet - a function of energy efficiency.

COMFORT:  What level of comfort would you like to achieve? We want to know your goals before beginning the EEA.  This enables us to customize the proposed energy retrofits to meet or exceed these needs. When it comes to your home, we know comfort is important.

AFFORDABILITY:  Determining energy efficient improvements that provide the best benefit to you is our main goal.  We supplement these recommendations with free energy saving information that will assure continued success of the installed retrofits and possibly bring additional savings to you.   The result is a full energy management plan that works for you.

Our ultimate goal is to offer solutions that will result in a comfortable, healthy, and clean home environment. . To improve your home’s health we can:

  • Seal penetrations in the walls, ceiling, doors and windows that pull in unfiltered air to reduce the collection of dust.
  • Install a ventilation system with a HEPA filter to filter the air you breathe.
  • Install ventilation fans in bathrooms to reduce the risks of mold.
  • And more!

Together we will customize a list of energy retrofits that meet these needs but also balance the need to reduce your energy consumption and provide savings to you.   


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