Cool Off Your Energy Bill with Efficient Pool Pump


As the weather heats up, we love a refreshing dip in our pools. But do we think about the amount of energy used to keep the pool clean?  The pool pump is the second largest electrical user in your household (your AC holds the honor of being number one user).  If you replace your existing single-speed pool pump with an energy-efficient, variable-speed pool pump, you can save up to 80 percent on your pool’s energy costs.  These newer pumps run quieter, have more efficient parts to run cooler, and last longer.  In addition, APS and SRP offer rebates of $200 for a qualifying variable-speed pump.

Learn more about energy-efficient pool pumps at Click on “variable speed pumps” and watch the video for helpful information.

If you currently have a variable-speed pump or you’re just not ready to replace your existing pump, consider purchasing a seasonal timer.  The timer will automatically adjust the run time of the pump throughout the year to save energy.  You can save up to $60 a year by installing a seasonal timer.  In addition, APS and SRP offer rebates of $75 for qualifying seasonal timers.

A listing of stores carrying both the variable-speed pumps and timers is available at   or

Take the plunge and make a smart choice toward a more energy-efficient pool!


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